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Carnivore - The "Baby Making" Diet?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

When I first heard about carnivore, I was skeptical. I was also hesitant because I hated the idea of another "restrictive" way of eating. I knew myself and if you read my last article about Overcoming Binge Eating - Successfully, you KNOW that a long history of an eating disorder can make you hesitant to try any new "diet".

I also really hate the word "diet". It just sounds like DEATH to me. It starts with the word "die" and then ends harshly with a "t". LOL. Why would I want to DIE-T my way to health? It just didn't make any sense. Anyone else hate the word? LOLZ

I shared in my last blog post that I heard Kelly Hogan's story of overcoming serious health issues AND successfully conceiving and breastfeeding not one, not two but THREE children! This blew my mind and was what finally flipped the switch to get me to try carnivore. (You can check out this testimonial here!)

Needless to say, with a long laundry list of ailments to overcome, the primary focus of mine was infertility.

A little background story: My wonderful husband and I met in March of 2019. I knew he was the one before we even met! We were engaged by the fall of 2019 and married in October 2020 - despite all the hablah stuff going on in the world. We had been wanting to have children together since we knew we would be married. The problem was, I wasn't ovulating at the time. Fast forward to working with one of my favourite naturopaths (Hi Dr. Prytula!), he assured me that if I completed a week-long guided fast, that I could reset my system and kick-start my ovulation. Well, it worked! I was so over the moon excited! Once we had my body working again, we started focusing on conceiving. We tried for what felt like an eternity and finally thought we had better get in and get an assessment done on us both by a fertility specialist. We went through the process and found out that it would be "very difficult, nearly impossible" for us to conceive due to my having serious PCOS among some other hang ups. When we began carnivore, within the first three months I was able to get off of ALL of my supplements (which saves us a lot of money!) and ovulate on my own without any external help. FINALLY! A happy body!

Since my focus has been on nourishing my body and getting it as healthy as possible to support a baby (or babies!), it was easy for me to not only sit back and relax about conceiving, but to let go and just enjoy the healing process. My body has healed so many ailments and this one just one more thing that I was ready to have heal. All in due time.

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Carnivore - The "Baby Making" Diet?

The good news about fasting and carnivore is that both tools are fundamental for nourishing your body and expelling toxins. What happens when your body is nourished and able to expel toxins? It is able to heal and heal deeply.

My story is one of many. I recently listened to several different women discussing pregnancy and carnivore and maintaining a carnivore woe through pregnancy. The benefits they have experienced are things like: little to no morning sickness, little to no oedema, little to no fatigue, little to no cravings, little to no pain, little to no heartburn/indigestion, no constipation, speedy recovery post-pardum, even mood, great sleep, passing their glucose tests (to show that you don't have gestational diabetes which can be dangerous!) with ease and having little to no pain. Who doesn't want to have a pregnancy like this? (Many of the moms have more than one child and were not carnivore with one or more previous pregnancy and were able to compare their carnivore experience to their SAD diet experience. There is no comparison!)

While I cannot take credit for the statement about carnivore being the "baby making" diet, it is true. Women have reversed early menopause and conceived. Men with infertility issues (ranging from sterility to zero motility to only having one testicle and low T) have overcome these issues in a matter of months. Depending on the depth of healing that your body requires depends on how long it may take for you to be able to conceive. Don't lose hope!

If we can do it, so can you!

Cheers to your recovery, your healing and your fertility!



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