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Testimonies from amazing clients!

"Kind, compassionate, knowledgable!"

I cannot recommend Richelle more highly. She is kind, compassionate, knowledgable, empathetic, caring, and she truly GETS it. Her background and awareness of eating disorders and trauma and carnivore make her the most unique combination of the perfect coach for ME. I came to her after having a severe relapse with my ED and her support has been incredible. She makes me feel so supported, seen and has an uncanny knack for reaching out just when I need some extra care. She is truly available whenever I need her, she is flexible, open, positive, kind and she never judges. You will be LUCKY to work with her!
-JC in Brooklyn

"You won't regret investing in yourself!"

Richelle has been a wonderful coach and support for me over the last few years.  We have worked together on so many aspects from trauma related to my past marriage and my childhood to disordered eating.
I find her kind, honest, compassionate and willing to tell me the truth - even when it is hard to hear.
Her support coupled with the guidance God has given us makes it so much easier to walk and work through the difficulties faced in life.
I find that I am not getting bogged down in old personal beliefs and when I do, I can shift them by praying.

You won’t regret investing in yourself.  You are worth it!

- MR, Ireland

"Huge epiphanies!"

Richelle is absolute magic! After our first coaching session together, I knew that I was about to undergo incredible and life changing shifts, which is exactly what happened. Through her guidance and wisdom, I had huge epiphanies and learned to go deeper, listen to my instincts in a new and profound way, and discern my true feelings with more care and confidence. The spiritual aspect of her work helped me clear away blocks and let go of things that were not serving me. I honestly can't describe in words the gratitude I feel for having the opportunity to work with Richelle - thank you!!!!
- Aldona B., Calgary

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