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Carnivore Electrolyte Jello

Friends, this recipe BLEW MY MIND! It is originally derived from my fellow carnivore galpal Lillie Kane (you can connect with her by clicking here ). You DEFINITELY want to save this recipe for your recipe box!

I used LMNT Electrolytes as they are my favourite. Even the raw unflavoured electrolytes are AMAZING!


  • Measuring cups and spoon

  • Bowl(s) / container

  • Whisk & spatula


  • 1 LMNT electrolyte pack (any flavour or raw unflavoured)

  • 1 tbsp @furtherfood unflavoured beef gelatin

  • 4oz cold water

  • 12oz hot water (not boiling but HOT )


1. In a measuring cup, measure 4oz of cold water.

2. Stir in gelatin with a whisk and wait about 3-5min for it to begin to “bloom” (thicken).

3. Add your @drinklmnt electrolyte pack and whisk in.

4. Add 12 oz of hot water and stir/whisk gently to incorporate the gelatin and water. Take your time with this. I stir for about 1-2 min otherwise you may end up with a thick hard layer of gelatin at the bottom and ain’t nobody got time for that! 😮‍💨

5. Pour into container or bowl of choice and chill for about 2-4 hours in the fridge.

6. Remove and enjoy!

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