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Bella's Egg Pudding - DA BOMB!

OMG - this is one of my FAVOURITE go- to recipes. I probably make it 3x per week because there are so many different ways to make this recipe. (Click here for my version of the Decadent Brown Butter Egg Pudding Recipe!). This recipe can either be savoury or "sweet". If you are a strict carnivore, you omit the use of sweetners. If you are keto, you can consider using them if you like to. You can adjust the size of this recipe to suit your appetite. It easily doubles, or triples!

This original recipe is so delicious on it's own! Thank you Bella for sharing this recipe!!!


  • small heat resistant bowl - metal or corning-ware or glass

  • measuring cup

  • whisk

  • Instant pot OR pot/pan with a fitted lid that is deep enough to fit your dish

  • Optional - tin foil


(You will want to have an equal measure of liquid to eggs)

  • 6 whole eggs (equals approx 1 cup of liquid)

  • 1 cup of liquid of choice - water, cream, milk, bone broth etc

  • Optional - pinch of sea salt, OR, cinnamon and or vanilla if you can tolerate it

Instructions - Instant Pot Users:

  1. Set up your instant pot with water in the bottom and the trivet in place. Turn it on to start warming it up.

  2. Whisk together equal parts liquid and eggs until well combined.

  3. Pour into your "bowl" of choice.

  4. Cover with tin foil and place on the cooking rack inside of your IP.

  5. Close the lid, close the steam valve and put on the steam setting for 8-12min - depending on the preferred firmness of the egg pudding that you like.

  6. When the timer goes, release the steam, and check the firmness. If it is done to your liking, remove and serve with butter or eat plain.

Instructions - Stove Top Users:

  1. Place your pot/pan on the stove and turn it onto medium/high heat to warm it up.

  2. Place a trivet and some water (enough to cover the bottom of the pot/pan). If you do not have a trivet: take a long piece, twist it up and make a homemade trivet.

  3. Whisk together the ingredients until well combined.

  4. Pour the ingredients into your "bowl" of choice.

  5. Place the lid on top and steam for 6-12 min or until desired firmness.

  6. Carefully remove the lid and the egg pudding.

  7. Serve and top with butter or eat plain.

What is your favourite way to eat Egg Pudding?

Check out Bella's video on it here!

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